Avant Garde Generation | Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2017 Recap

Happy Day! I’m finally back after a much needed week of self-care and social media detox. I’m still in shock that Donald Trump will be president of the USA and still trying process and cope with it. However that buffoon won’t stop this show, so I’m excited to get back into work mode.

Today I am sharing what I did during Day 2 of Seoul Fashion Week, so let’s get to it!

\\ DAY 2 //

The day began particularly gruesome as I had agreed to work overtime at my new job, unfortunately,  by the time I got off, I was behind schedule, and had 20 minutes to get dressed before catching the train to Seoul. Judge if you want, but I totally joined the ranks of Korean youth and applied my face during my hour-ride trip. The moral of the story is, say no and stick to that no.


I met my creative friends Georgia Scott & Madeline Pagel outside Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), and we headed to our first show of the day, Songzio.


Flashback: Does Songzio sound familiar? That’s because I attended his show last season! Check out my recap here!


Unsurprisingly, we entered into typical fashion week chaos. It was crowded, everyone was playing find-a-seat or how-to-lose-a-seat. As our seats were taken, Songzio’s staff were kind enough to snag us floor seats, right before the lights dimmed.


Songzio is the brainchild of acclaimed Korean designer Zio Song. Based in Seoul and Paris, Songzio is known for his classic but subtle reinventions of the black lapel seat. His designs are inspired by his love for the fine arts, music, film, and visualizing his, artworks. The Songzio collection is designed for the modern man who is unafraid to add a chic essence to his city-driven life.

As the somber piano keys signaled, Songzio’s SS ’17 collection was tersely led (again) by the infamous actor Cha Seung Won. As the models strode down the, I immediately understood why the collection was entitled, Ocean.



The music was languorous, with the occasional echo of the wind, and the distant sounds of a foghorn (or more likely an organ). The fierce pace of the models, allowed the clothes to waft down the runway aisle (can I just say for the music to be so slow, they walked SO fast!)

Pleated wide leg trousers (my fave!). Bulky gladiator sandals. V-necked blazers. Snug sheer tops and cardigans (gimmmeee).


The concept of the sharply graphic yet fluid strokes created by oil paints and later transferred to printed textiles, which in turn produced “wearable art.”



The healthy use of dark neutrals contrasted with a vivid use of blues, greens, and yellows. Songzio’s collection made me wish for the sand dunes of Dubai, the cobblestone of Newport, Rhode Island, and a sip of champagne on the beaches of Busan.


I was almost giddy to learn that Songzio created a capsule collection of womenswear, but you’ll be surprised to learn I wasn’t that impressed (although I loved the jumpsuit above). I’m way more obsessed with this classically avant-garde menswear collection and how the spring/summer collection is SO androgynous.


I had visions of Beyoncé wearing the bold blazers and Janet Jackson in the wide-cut pants. Call me a dreamer, but I could totally imagine myself in Songzio this spring, while I explore Paris (hint hint) … don’t mind me, I have a flight to book.

Beer/Lunch Spot

After the show, we headed over to The Guarneri Taphouse, for beer, fries, and I do believe Georgia went all healthy on us and ordered a salad. SMH.


I recommend lounging in the Guarneri Taphouse in between shows. The atmosphere is super chill and I love the whimsy aesthetic! But best of all it’s quiet, which is sorely needed for this introvert, before reentering the craziness of fashion week.

Street Style



Shop For a Similar Look

This season, I decided to keep it simple and kept my ensemble casual (especially since it was unnaturally warm for late October #cuzGlobalWarming).

Although I went for simplicity, I was excited to see what the street stars were rocking.




I even was able to snag a few of Madeline before all the photog’s bombarded her.



Later, I met up with Mika, the SeoulChild and we rushed over to the Generation Next hall to catch our final show of the evening. This was my first time attending a Generation Next Seoul collection and I was excited to learn that the show would be featuring, two separate design teams — HEEGUI & Joseph Ahn.



HEEGUI is a contemporary fashion label created by HeeJin Jeon and Guyhyun Jee. The two London Fashion School graduates launched HEEGUI in 2015 and their label consists on womenswear, menswear, and accessories. In a fashion culture, that is overwrought with simple consumption. HEEGUI strives to carve  a space by finding inspiration through contemporary art and culture. With a focus on spatiality in their garments, this design duo shares their perspective through the concept of storytelling fashion.


Courtesy of Heegui

Courtesy of Heegui


HEEGUI’s 2017 line was entitled “Unseen” which was inspired by the French novella The Little Prince. Fantasy, realism, the thematic message of loss of love was depicted through the designs.

Key standouts were the flowers blatantly attached to the models. Whether it was peeking out the skirt, tucked into socks, clenched in fists, or secured to the thigh, the flowers symbolized the rose from the story.

Courtesy of Heegui

Courtesy of Heegui




This isn’t lit 101, but we could say the flowers symbolized the aching reminders of love… maybe.



Founded in 2015, Joseph Ahn is a Seoul-based line that carves inspiration from classical pictures, the history of costume, and black + white photography. Every season Joseph Ahn explores the concepts of silhouette structural design combined with a contemporary look.



Inspired by the critically acclaimed film The Danish Girl, Joseph Ahn explores sex-less or gender-neutral designs through his spring/summer 2017 collection, entitled Lili.

Highlights included; half trench coats, twist layered pants, ruffles, and bold piping.



Once both shows ended, I secretly hoped for a Project Runway showdown for the finale, but the lights came up and my dreams of a style battle were dashed.


After the show. we were able to catch a bit of light and took a shit ton of photos (I need an entire separate blog post for that, cuz photos GALORE!) But, our night was made when we got snagged by a local street photo’g. Later we caught the train to Hongdae for a quick H&M shopping trip.

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Like I mentioned, this was my first time attending a Generation Next Seoul (GNS) collection and I really enjoyed myself. There is definitely a difference between attending GNS and Seoul Fashion Week (SFW). Overall difference for me was vibes. SFW feels uptight and there is a ton of pressure, whereas GNS is super chill and no matter where you sit, it is easy to view and enjoy the show.

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FTC: Songzio, HEEGUI, & Joseph Ahn, were kind enough to offer complimentary invitations in exchange for me sharing my experience at their shows during Seoul Fashion Week. Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links”. If you click on the link and/or purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission (which helps with running this site). Cheers!

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  1. Anastasia Nicole November 18, 2016 / 2:07 pm

    The collections look amazing. Lots of great details and the perfect balance of art and function. Also LOVE your dress.
    xx | A

  2. Maple Syrup and TeacupsEllie November 18, 2016 / 3:00 pm

    wow these are some really different and interesting styles! I love the cut of the black suit! and the Women’s ruffled top was so pretty! Great photos!

  3. Meiah | My Crazy Hectic Life November 18, 2016 / 4:09 pm

    There are some really great statement pieces here. I’ve never been to a fashion shows or collection previews but they are always interesting to me to see how the designer styles their pieces in their own mind. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. rebeccaschmitt November 18, 2016 / 5:36 pm

    Great collection, pretty unique style

  5. Misa November 18, 2016 / 10:38 pm

    I’m not really a fashion guru so I think I’d be sitting there just thinking: whaaaat? But I’m sure it must have been great for u :))

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