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I’ve been a homebody since NYE and it has been a delicious feeling. Granted, my seclusion began with a bout of the flu & a horrid sinus infection, which led me to the ER and left me on bed rest ( I was also strangely excited about getting my first IV… am I the only person who fantasizes about being a patient on Greys Anatomy?) Okay, so maybe I didn’t make the conscious decision to stay home but clearly my body was saying this is where I belonged. I said no to social engagements, skipped the women’s march in Seoul, and turned off all notifications (and probably missed your text).

The universe ordained rest and as the world was literally falling apart, I did just that. I’ve had several discoveries during my hermit status:

1) I need to sleep more (between episodes of Gossip Girl –I’m rewatching the series on Netflix).
2) My husband is literally my best friend & my mother is my heart.
3) I’m going to Bali in a few weeks and should probably begin booking hotels. AND I’m not going to kill myself “working out” just to be swimsuit ready. I’ll be in a bikini – back fat and all.
4) I am angry.
5) Donald Trump aka the 45th aka Marmalade Mussolini and his band of cronies are the worst.

Every month I culminate a list of Monthly Favorites: Thing’s I’m Loving At The Moment, but the start of 2017 has been rough. As you know January started off remarkably bad. President Barack Obama, the magnificently beautiful First Lady Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, and the darling duo Sasha & Malia said deuces and retired as private citizens. #Imissthem

Ridwan Adhami’s I Am America photo next to Shepard Fairey’s We The People illustration. Munira Ahmed, the subject, calls the work ‘an honor’. Photograph: Ridwan Adhami, Shepard Fairey

Ridwan Adhami’s I Am America photo next to Shepard Fairey’s We The People illustration. Munira Ahmed, the subject, calls the work ‘an honor’. Photograph: Ridwan Adhami, Shepard Fairey

On Jan 15th Cheeto Satan was sworn in as president and things have gone downhill since. It’s only been a few weeks and he’s banned Muslims, immigrants, refugees; ruined diplomatic relationships with Australia & Mexico; tried to instigate a war with Iran (and China); claimed the great Fredrick Douglass was still alive (he’s not!); keeps trying to convince us that Russia is our bestie and is determined to turn our flawed democracy into a dictatorship.

As an American, I’m embarrassed, feeling drained, and as a Black woman, it’s just incredibly exhausting to witness the daily trampling of our inalienable rights.

Hashtag – Over it.

Hashtag – I can’t be over it because I’m angry and I’m not done fighting! Moreover, I’m waiting for the other shoe (aka impeachment) to drop, which turns this sordid Americana reality show into a live-action House of Cards (I see you, Paul Ryan).

So how do we fix it? By voicing our dissent, through protest, donations to organizations like the ACLU, supporting causes like the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe as they work to defy Trump’s executive memo on the DAPL (#noDAPL #WaterisLife), actively listening to marginalized groups, educating ourselves, using our platform to amplify voices, muting alternative facts, self-care, and the list goes on.


So now, that we have ascertained that America is burning and it’s only going to get worse – let’s leap Gaga-style into my January favorites!

Thing’s I’m Loving At The Moment

+ My husband: He is literally the bee’s knees and nursed me back to health when I had the strength of a baby kitten. Also, he’s instituted a strict bedtime of 10pm during the weekdays, which normally I would protest (I’m a night owl), but uhhh I feel more rested, so I can’t complain. And cuddling on the couch, drinking beer & watching Hulu has been every so loverly.

+Sudafed & Ibuprofen: I never knew sinuses could be so clear and headaches didn’t have to be an accessory. Although I’m no longer on my death bed (DRAMA!), I still can’t kick this cold, so those two lovely medicines have been getting me through my work days.

+ Osulloc Tea: After experiencing 3 shots of expresso, I’ve firmly given up being a coffee fiend and I’m back into the sane open arms of earl grey. A close friend gifted us with the Osulloc Memory in JEJU tea set and it’s been fun trying the different flavors. (my fave was the Camellia flower Blended Tea).

+ I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual: Is THE book you need to download on Audible or add to your roaming bookshelves. Written by NY Times Bestseller author Luvvie Ajayi, I’m Judging You is her debut book of humorous essays that dissects our cultural obsessions and calls out bad behavior in our increasingly digital, connected lives.” Or as Shonda Rhimes called it, “A truth-riot of a book.”

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 14: Luvvie Ajayi poses for a portrait in New York on Wednesday Sep. 14, 2016. (Photo by Damon Dahlen, Huffington Post)

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 14: Luvvie Ajayi poses for a portrait in New York on Wednesday Sep. 14, 2016. (Photo by Damon Dahlen, Huffington Post)

I’d be remiss not to include the author Luvvie Ajayi! Side-Eye Sorceress. Witch of Wit. Yes, I just mentioned her book above, but my friends, Awesomely Luvvie is one of my favorite pop culture bloggers and I love her. My morning routine consists of checking her Facebook page; (okay I check in the evening too!) Luvvie is also the reason, why I have so many names to disrespect Donald Trump. She is awesome.

+Adult Onesies: My pink onesie is the best outfit I’ve bought all year! (I’ve also made an executive decision — we’re getting official couple onesies! … Sam isn’t too thrilled, but alas I make the fashion decisions!)

Join the Adult Onesie Community (it’s definitely a thing):


+ Booking my flight to Bali: If you’ve been following me on IG, then you already know, I’m heading to Bali in a few weeks and I’m so stoked! This is my first time traveling solo since I’ve been married. It’s going to feel so strange not traveling with my husband (or having him carry my bags) and I’m feeling super nervous because I’m so used to him being there.

But I don’t regret buying the ticket, as I view my journey to Bali as a creative & self-renewal retreat. I’m in the process of preparing for my 30th chapter. I want to get my chakras balanced, write, listen to Prince & Chaka Khan, and bask in rays of joy. If I’m honest, one of the reasons why I’ve been so willing to seclude myself; (these past two months) is because I know from March until June there will be non-stop adventures (it’s about to get cray!) This trip to Bali is all about creative self-care and I’m ready.

Not me. One day. Maybe.

+ Yoga: I know, I know. I’ve repeatedly told you all, that yoga makes me angry. I know I’m crazy. It’s weird. A couple weeks ago, I did yoga in my house, while listening to Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book. I’m pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my Glutes, but all in all, it felt good. I’ve done yoga twice since then and I even signed up for a class at my local gym. So, now I have to admit, Yoga is Lit (playlist here).

(Early Feb Fave… I mean…. did you really think I wouldn’t mention it!)

Courtesy of Beyoncé.com / Via beyonce.com

Courtesy of Beyoncé.com / Via beyonce.com

+ Beyoncé & Her Twins: This announcement is the lull in strife our souls needed during this 4-year Orange crisis. Also, I am obsessed with her maternity photo shoot, I genuinely love the cultural & spiritual symbolism and entire art direction of Awol Erizku. And, I loved this blistering critique of the Beyoncé critiques by fragile white womanhood, nothing but facts. For more of the gorgeous maternity photos, check out Beyoncé’s website here.

Later this week, I’ll be sharing more of my thoughts on Habañero Hitler and the importance of resistance. But tell me, what are your January Favorites? Anything you’ve been loving for the moment? Bali hotel recommendations?Book suggestions? Yoga playlist suggestions? Enjoyed Lady Gaga’s half-time performance? Let’s chat below.

FTC: This post is not sponsored (but I wish it was!). Some of the links are “affiliate links.” If you click on the link and/or purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission (so click the link) 🙂

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  1. Nicole February 13, 2017 / 3:26 am

    So glad you are starting to feel better, thank god for Sudafed! Your trip to Bali sounds amazing- I had a lot of chakra healing in India and I feel like mine are all out of whack since I’ve come back to Korea. I can’t wait to read all about your trip. Oh, and yay for yoga! (And yay for Gossip Girl- I want to binge watch them all now!)

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