A VISUAL MOOD BOARD || An Ode to the Black Woman Experience

“Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a little girl…” A girl who buckled against the pressure of positivity and crashed into the buoyancy of twilight. A girl who was charismatic at half-past ten and sullen in the noon. A girl who snapped at being misunderstood. Staring in disbelief at her surroundings, she found comfort in the nostalgia of her past. Ariel. Atreyu, Lady Chatterley, and Jane.

Unwilling to separate herself into a glassful of emotions, she settled into the dust of being. Accepting, the transgressions and yet distancing herself from the ire of patrons per the republic. She threw herself into persecuting the vagrancies of complacency and similarity.

Weakily inspired and yet she fought.

Premeditated laziness stoked bones and yet she fought.


One day, she turned an ear to the women-folk. The elders who spoke passionately, unwavering, and stepped into fear against them. Strength personified.

Peering deeply, with nudged elbows. Caustically speculating, “Perhaps, you don’t want to live.” Affronted, she exclaimed, in the affirmative. “Yes, very much so.”

Compassionate cackles rang throughout the valley as they pounded on her protestations.

“Very much so… yet why do you not take heed?”

“I have. I do.”

“We’ve sung, we’ve led. We’ve bled.”

They chanted. They stomped. Clasping their arms with laughter as the girl spun dizzily with lackluster effort.

Knowing glances ran amok as she too stomped her foot in disdain.

Cramped into a corner, she attempted to grasp the neverending fables that sprang from them.


Fist clenching.

Heart heaving.

The girl asked.



This is an ode to the black woman experience, childhood nostalgia, iconic shade, the fragility of being, the strength of girlfriends, the reoccurring existential crisis of imagination, confidence, living your black girl aesthetic, desperados x confidence, and revering goddesses like Donna, Grace, Diana, Nina, and Whitney.

This is my virtual x visual mood board.

I hope you enjoy this vibe, this mood, these current feelings.

xx Star Lengas



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