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Greets! My name is Star Lengas and 87PAGES is my life & travel blog, where, I hope to inspire women to seek what makes them happy. My motto is “Live. Travel. Be”— be happy, be confident, authentic, strong, be awesome and more.

I am a traveler, a womanist, an educator, a wife, a perpetual seeker of happiness, and unabashedly devoted to the written word.

988552_10102743918632070_6298645335611418512_nI grew up in a small city in Northwest Ohio, with a lust for books and seeing the world. Two weeks after graduating from Bowling Green State University, I started an 3 month internship in Bavaria, Germany which turned into a 2 year stay. Eventually I found myself in South Korea for a year (which is where I met my hubby), and due to my hubby’s job (Army), we relocated to Kansas, where I graduated with a master’s degree from Kansas State University.

Now it’s 2015 and I’m back in South Korea, where we’ll reside for a couple of years. When I’m not traveling, I spend my time watching Korean dramas, dabbling in street photography, drinking red wine, reading fantasy fiction, and trying to convince my husband — that THIS is the weekend we’ll do karaoke.

I’m also a vlogger (video blogger), I share weekly videos of Life in Korea, my increasing obsession with Korean skincare, being a military spouse, my love for books, and of course all of my travel adventures. Click to subscribe.

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