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Oh heyyyyy there! My name is Star Lengas and a thousand times, welcome to my lifestyle & travel blog 87PAGES. I love telling stories that center around aesthetic travel, the general art of living well, all things Korean beauty/skincare, personal style, and most importantly creating your own happiness. I want to inspire women to design a life they love and create all the things that bring them joy.

My motto is “Live. Travel. Be”— be authentic, be badass, be confident, be fearless, be you, and so much more.

MY WANDERLUSTING …Hi there! My name is Star Lengas and welcome to my blog 87PAGES - where I share beauty, lifestyle design & travel content - to inspire women to design a life they love.

Began in a small city in Northwest Ohio, where I was propelled by a lust for books & inspired by my 2 favorite Disney princesses Belle & Ariel, to fly away from my little town and be where the people are. In 2009, two weeks after graduating from Bowling Green State University, I started a 4-month internship at a US Army post in Germany which turned into a 2-year stay.

Later in 2011, I booked a 1-way ticket to Seoul, South Korea for a year — and during that year, I met and married my husband (we’re going on 6 years!) and fell deeply in love with Asia (and my husband if that wasn’t clear), later my husband’s job (Army), relocated us to Kansas for a few years, where I graduated with a master’s degree from Kansas State University.

Fast-forward to 2015 we moved back to South Korea, where I totally lived my best life ever and carved out a new lane of becoming a creativepreneur, freelancer, blogger, and consultant. All roads lead back to Seoul and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to live there.

Now, it’s 2017 and we are living in Texas (we’ll be here for a couple of years) … so my latest goals are to live more intentional, become the ultimate plant lady, and become familiar with all things Dixie Chicks (cuz I already have Beyonce covered!).

Fun Facts:

  1. Star is my REAL name. lol
  2. Travel is life! I’ve been to 22 countries & 4 continents! ✈️
  3. I make youtube videos! — Subscribe for: Korean skincare & beauty, daily life & travel vlogs
  4. Karaoke is also lifeeeee, and yes I’m a horrible singer but I’m known to snatch up the microphone
  5. I AM A NERD – like the librarians know my name type of nerd ? Favorite genre: fantasy: elves, witches, vampires, dragons, etc.
  6. Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, & Gin are literally me in a bottle. Also, if I were a snack, I’d be white cheddar popcorn.
  7. Barcelona, Berlin, Bangkok, NYC, and Seoul are my favorite cities.

I hope that gives you a bit of insight into my story, but this isn’t a one-sided thang. We are officially now friendlies! So drop me a line so I can learn more about you! Oh and my ears are always open for content suggestions, I def wanna hear from you. So, let’s stay connected on Instagram, Facebook, or email & always feel free to reach out. ^^ Thanks for stopping by!

xx Star Lengas

P.S. I’m also a Lifestyle Coach: Contact me here to schedule a discovery session.

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Hi there! My name is Star Lengas and welcome to my blog 87PAGES - where I share beauty, lifestyle design & travel content - to inspire women to design a life they love.