Life in South Korea can become pretty intense, especially in regards to food, because Korean cuisine is a serious matter. Which means Koreans can be quite particular on where to enjoy the most delicious foods.… View Full Post

After seeing the yearlong transformation of my skin and hair, due to my holistic skincare routine, I have officially become obsessed. Now I want to incorporate everything holistic into my way of life. This fascination… View Full Post

Last weekend I was invited by a local travel group (Let’s Play Planet) to take part in a cooking lesson with a local Korean mom, for the major Korean holiday, Chuseok. During the 3-4 day… View Full Post

This past weekend my blogger babe Kate, the Toronto Seoulcialite, invited me to a Korean music festival in Seoul (more about that here). As I live 45-minutes north of Seoul, I usually catch the last train and… View Full Post

  Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to visit The Sool Gallery for an introduction to traditional Korean liquors and wines. Sool in Korean refers to all kinds of alcoholic beverages, but the sool… View Full Post