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If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you know I am obsessed with Korean Beauty — specifically skincare. The obsession began when we relocated to South Korea and it started all with sheet masks, scrubs, and cleansers. It’s now fully developed into face masks, BHAs/AHAs, essences, and bouncy toners. Am I the only person who flicks their cheeks to check their moisture levels??? Don’t judge, it’s seriously a thing!

My introduction to buying Korean skincare was super simple. I walked into a popular road-shop (glorified drug store) pinpointed my issue (dry/dull skin) and the rep pointed me to the product and it was super easy. So easy, that I quickly went from 2 sheet masks to an overflowing bathroom vanity filled with road-shop brands like SKINFOOD.

Now admittedly, the ingredients are not always on the same level as luxury brands, but these shops have some of the best dupes, their budget friendly, and easily accessible. Which in hindsight is a major plus, because I am the queen of confusion (still am!) as I have hauled tons of product in my quest to find my holy grails.

Now really quickly, I do want to share my top Korean road-shop brands and to be honest I have a bad habit of buying the same products over & over from these shops — Mostly because these essentials get me through life in Korea.

In Myeong-Dong playing tourist with Aisha (this is the day The Face Shop got all of my money!) Annnd, jic you were wondering… Black Women x Korean Skincare = YES!

Favorite Korean Road-Shop Brands:

  • Innisfree: Eco-friendly, locally sourced from the beautiful Jeju Island, and dermatologist recommended for sensitive skin. I find that have gentle cleansers (but find they can be a bit drying) but I do appreciate that the company focuses on sustainability and sells organic products.
  • SKINFOOD: “You are what you eat.” Healthy skin starts with food is the motto of SKINFOOD and they focus on using high-quality food ingredients. I really enjoy their sheet masks, scrubs, and I’m quite keen to try their hair products next. Note: There can be an issue for those with food allergies (I’m allergic to Oranges!), so be sure to read the packaging!
  • Missha: This shop is always packed, which could be due to the insane popularity of their famous dupe — the Time Revolution First Treatment Essence (Bought it a few weeks ago and I like it so far!). I like to play in their makeup section and I enjoy testing out the creams & pore masks. Warning — this shop can easily slip from affordable to expensive after buying a few products…. but it might be worth it!
  • The Face Shop: This glam shop is always packed but I find they have the BEST customer service. I love their creams, primers, and eyeliners. I’m not keen on the last mascara, I bought but I’m hard to please when it comes to my eyes.
  • Aritaum: The first store I bought skincare from, so they’ll always have a spot in my heart. I’ve only bought sheet masks, nail polish, and eyeshadows from them. But I’m anxious to try out IOPE & Laneige.
  • Olive Young & Watsons & LOHBs: Now these are true drug store as they sell a variety of skincare/beauty (budget & luxe) as well as products like COSRX, NEOGEN, & Dr. Jart which are usually sold in concept stores or only online.

So, are you getting excited about Korean Skincare? I hope the answer is yes because I have more for you!

I finally filmed my highly requested Affordable Korean Skincare video, where I’m sharing my Face Masks 101.

I’ve linked the video down below, so go ahead and press play, enjoy. ^_^

ps. Scroll past the video & Shop all the sheet masks your heart desires (ships overseas)!

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  1. Stephanie Jeannot February 7, 2017 / 7:22 pm

    I heard that avocado on the skin is really great. I really would love to try a few of the items you mentioned.

  2. Shelley @Travel-Stained February 9, 2017 / 3:25 am

    Korean skincare really is some of the best quality at an amazing price point. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, I love Sum37 (a fermented skincare line). Sum means “breath” in Korean, and 37 degrees is the perfect temp for fermentation. AND have you tried a Korean facial yet? Once you do, you’ll never go back!! 🙂

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