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What an aaaaaaamaazing whirlwind experience I had at Seoul Fashion Week f/w 2016! It was literally non-stop! I mean what is sleep when you’re surrounded by high fashion, street style, and soooo many people (lots of them super nice and welcoming)!  Seoul is definitely a burgeoning fashion capital, and I was fortunate to witness the dazzling displays on days five and six. Here’s a bit more info about what happened on day five:

Friday Commute


Photo courtesy of AirBnb

I was up early that morning, taking the subway into Seoul (45 mins), headed to my cozy Airbnb that I would be sharing with several university students. As my first show wasn’t until 12:30pm, I had enough time to hang up my clothes and slap on some makeup. Quickly I raced out of the door, to meet my friend, Georgia Scott & J. Shenae [the Blonde Hair’d Girl], at Zaha Hadid’s brilliantly designed Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) — approx. 5 min taxi.

Songzio | Vermillion Hue

Star Lengas | 87pages, recaps seoul fashion week

Our VIP seats were perfect to view Songzio’s menswear line. The show began with infamous actor Cha Seung Won as he sauntered down the runway amidst the murmurs and slight applause.

Photo courtesy of Songzio.

Highlights, of the line. included vibrant reds, intense tones of black, and wide leg trousers. My favorites were the jacket pieces because I could definitely see my hubby wearing them.

Star Lengas | 87pages, recaps seoul fashion week

Later, Georgia and I stumbled upon The Rave Steak & Hot Pot (located in a mall across from the DDP). The hot pot was lacking but the steak and buffet were delish. The view was also amazing as it overlooked the DDP.

Rocket X Lunch

After a quick nap and recharging my Anker battery (#lifesaver!),  I rushed to meet up with Mika, [the SeoulChild] for the Rocket X Lunch show. As we walked to through the crowd, my yellow docs caused a stir, and it was a delightful feeling.

Star Lengas | 87pages, recaps seoul fashion week

Shoes: Thrifted
Dress: South Korea
Jacket: South Korea
Star Lengas | 87pages, recaps seoul fashion week
While watching the show, my attention was caught by the music, it was booming and was catchy. The fashion line had a 90s vibe, with the bold color blocking, furry textures, baggy pants, and velour jumpsuits.

Photo courtesy of Rocket x Lunch

Photo courtesy of Rocket x Lunch

Milkshakes + Street Style

With a two hour break until our last show, Mika took me her favorite place, Once Upon a Milkshake (the salted caramel is EVERYTHING). We also captured the street scene, which is a highlight of itself. Scores of people mill around the DDP as they are either taking the photos or waiting to be asked.
Star Lengas | 87pages, recaps seoul fashion weekI also found the throngs of tweens near the red carpet totally adorable, as they screamed their hearts out, as popular K-Pop idols and actresses/actors glided down the stairs.

Byungmun Seo | Error in Persona

Mika and I arrived early for our last show of the evening, and while we were waiting, a famous face caught my eye. I shrieked. I turned to Mika and exclaimed, “it’s Sam!” “Your husband?” “No! The actor.”

A few minutes later, we joined the line to take a picture with Sam Okyere. I gushed. I told a long story. It was embarrassing and I walked back to my seat positively mortified.

Luckily, the show began a few minutes later and let’s just say — Byungmun Seo spoke to my core.

Star Lengas | 87pages, recaps seoul fashion week

Photo courtesy of Byungmun Seo

It was thrilling yet elusive with vampiric flair. Moody. Black. Sinful. Decadent. Magnificent.

Star Lengas | 87pages, recaps seoul fashion week

This is a line after my minimalistic heart and I appreciated that it was ‘ready to wear’… because I definitely need the outerwear and a few tops for my wardrobe, this autumn.

Luxe Taste

After the show, I asked Mika for a cool place to get drinks. She recommended a bar at The Four Seasons to check out a visiting DJ. Unfortunately, once we arrived the bar was filled to capacity. However, the concierge recommended us to check out another bar upstairs – Bar Boccalino.

Star Lengas | 87pages, recaps seoul fashion week

Entering Bar Boccalino, I fell in love with the interior details – from the cozy leather booths to the marble walls, to the checkered floor and the plush chairs. The bar was also a sight to see, with the mirrored backsplash and array of liquors, I was eager to see the drink menu.

Star Lengas | 87pages, recaps seoul fashion week

I ordered a Bellini (with cranberry juice as a substitute) while Mika took the servers suggestion –a Milan Spritzer. Mika enjoyed her drink and I found mine to be delicious of course — because duh Champagne 🙂

The SeoulChild & I

Mika, The SeoulChild & I

I quickly want to gush about the customer service. The concierge was super pleasant, she guided us to the elevators, handed us off to another staff member, who continued as our guide. The service was incredible throughout our time in the Four Seasons and I will definitely come again. If you’re interested in visiting the Four Seasons, check out Mika’s post about her relaxing staycation, definitely an enjoyable read.

Slumber, anon

After, Mika and I parted ways – I went back to my Airbnb and could barely contain my excitement as I thought about the past 15 hours. I did it. I did it. I did it! My first day of Seoul Fashion Week was complete, I felt drained but exhilarated. Looking forward to day six, I slapped on an Innisfree Hyaluronic Acid facemask and I hit the sack.

FTC: Songzio, Rocket X Lunch, Byungmun Seo, were kind enough to offer complimentary invitations in exchange for me sharing my experience at their shows during Seoul Fashion Week. Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links”. If you click on the link and/or purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission (which helps with running this site). Cheers!

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  1. LeShelle smith June 14, 2016 / 9:07 pm

    Ok, I don’t know who Sam is but he is a cutieeeeeee!

  2. Cindy June 24, 2016 / 5:40 pm

    Wow! Seoul fashion week looks amazing! Love you photos! I’m always curios about fashion shows what were you favorite looks from the week?

  3. Sheri June 28, 2016 / 1:47 pm

    An amazing whirlwind experience! I can only imagine the thrill and the energy and the Seoul Fashion Week. I would love to go to a fashion week – somewhere – anywhere! To experience it, watch the models come down the runway and enjoy the experience. For now, I will just have to re-read your post and live it through you. LOL

  4. Liana June 30, 2016 / 2:26 pm

    I’m living in Paris for now, and I know what a whirlwind experience FW can be. I’ve never been invited (yet and I hope soon, jinx), but I’ve been in the heart of it during NYFW, and oh my it was so amazing! Being surrounded by so many people making their way to the shows and being so stylish, I mean, amazing! I bet Seoul and as you described it sounds amazing, and this place is for me Seoul is kind of another world! Thanks for sharing!

    • Vyjay Rao July 1, 2016 / 5:32 am

      Lovely and vibrant collection., especially loved the jackets.

  5. Ann July 2, 2016 / 2:03 pm

    That looks like such a great time! So, what long story did you tell? I’m so curious now.

    • Veronica July 3, 2016 / 3:48 pm

      I desperately need that oversized electric blue sweater! Do you know who is the designer or where can I buy it?

  6. Blair Villanueva July 4, 2016 / 2:13 am

    OMG This is one of my favorite event of the season, I missed this year’s fashion week and just enjoyed myself watching it at Arirang channel, however it was fantastic, and you seems have a blast!

  7. Toronto Seoulcialite July 22, 2016 / 2:45 am

    Hah! Little did you know you’d run into Sam all over again. Too many Sams all over the place. I think we should go back to Boccalino! I hear the food is fantastic and based on your pics the design is pretty rad, too!

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