Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2016 Recap | Day Six

The Morning Calm 

8:15 a.m. , I woke up groggy and wanting very much to roll over, and snore some more. Fortunately, the rapid texting from Kate Carter Hickey, [the Toronto Seoulcialite] about outfit ideas, grabbed my attention and I slowly began the process of turning into a reasonable looking human being. Arriving at the sparsely populated Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)I had the chance to catch my breath and truly take in the majestic design of Zaha Hadid.

I was met by Jessica Moy, Shenae Johnson [the Blonde Hair’d Girl], Kate Carter Hickey [the Toronto Seoulcialite, and Mika, [The SeoulChild], we found our seats in the DDP and waited for Seoul Fashion Week part 2, to begin.

 R. Shemiste | No Cut

“Ask for work. If they don’t give you work, ask for bread. If they do not give you work or bread, then take bread.” – Emma Goldman. Rebel. Determined. Methodical. The sounds, prints, colors, and mood of the fall/winter collection of R. Shemiste was inspired by the anarchist Emma Goldman.



It was grimy, it was in your face, it demanded respect and freedom to express themselves. I love the concept of R. Shemiste in that it is heavily grounded in feminism while also showing the sensuality and delicate arches of womanhood. The standout piece for me were the shit kickers each model stomped around in.

Photo Courtsey of R.Shemiste

Photo Courtsey of R.Shemiste

Freedom, rebellion, and feminism in the form of street wear is definitely something I stand behind. Stomp on.

Hera x Nicholas Kirkwood

By this point we realized we hadn’t had any edibles all day, Kate convinces us to check out the Hera VIP lounge. We had the chance to preview the Hera x Nicholas Kirkwood collaboration, while sipping tea and munching on green tea scones (nommm).



Like many Seoul Fashion Week attendees, we also received a gift bag with samples of the ‘Cell-Bio Simple Set.’ As the official sponsor of Seoul Fashion Week and the self-professed leader in K-Beauty, I’m super keen to try out these samples!


Street Scene



Surprisingly, the cameras turned our way to catch our different looks. From Kate’s quirky red hat, to my waist length Senegalese twists, and Mika in her striped Palomas.

Photo courtesy of ZwergPhoto

Photo courtesy of ZwergPhoto

Mika unequivocally stole the street, as she tussled her coily curls while strutting through the DDP, striking pose after pose, while the photog’s clamored around. All I could say was, slay down, Seoulista! [snap]

Yohanix | Generation Maybe 

Walking into the Yohanix show, I was again impressed with the organization and friendliness of the staff of Seoul Fashion Week and especially the designers’ staff. As I stood in the VIP line and was asked: “What’s your name?” To which I replied, “Star Lengas, 87pages.” And to hear “Oh, yes your seat is right this way.” Talk about making my day.


The first thing I noticed was the dark Plexiglas for the runaway. It was so mesmerizing I couldn’t help but to vlog footage of me walking upon it. As we waited for the show to start, I felt immediate tings of anticipation.

The vampire vibes of Byungmun Seo (day 5 recap) and the shit-kicking mood of R. Shemiste, was combined into Yohanix’s fall/winter collection. It was breathtakingly androgynous.


My favorite moment: As the models closed the show, wearing bold statements on black masks.

Photo courtesy of Yohanix

Photo courtesy of Yohanix

After the show, the KBS Documentary 3 days;  interviewed us about the Yohanix show and overall thoughts of Seoul Fashion Week.  Later, we had the chance to meet the designer Yohan Kim.

… I told him the ending reminded me a lot of Lady Gaga and her movement to promote individuality and push against labels! #littlemonster … oh and that I really wanted one of those masks!

Second Lunch

Later, we met up with Inge, [the Dutch One] for lunch at The Guarneri Taphouse. I ordered the spaghetti carbonara (it wasn’t too bad, just needed a ton of salt and a thicker sauce). We also shared a bottle of Chilean red wine and a Margherita pizza that was positively scrumptious.


Afterward, I checked out of my Airbnb and headed home. I had a short respite before picking up my gal pal Kirsty and heading back to Seoul, for the VIP After party.

It goes down, in the Banyan

Around 9 p.m., the valet opened our taxi door and directed us towards the Banyan Tree Club & Spa Hotel, Crystal Ballroom. As we waited for my blogger baes (Mika & Kate), Kirsty and I paid our entrance fee of (20,000krw) and picked up our flutes of champagne.

The Banyan Tree Resort & Hotel is definitely luxe but unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to wander around, to really give my opinion.


Generally, I liked the party setup: there was a bar in the middle of the room, the DJ’s were set up further down the room, and video highlights of the week were displayed near the ceiling.  Soon, my blogger baes and I downed our Moscow mules, gravitated to the DJ’s and began to casually let loose. All in all, this was such a fun night and I’m glad I got to experience it with like-minded people!

Views of Gratitude

One of the added bonuses of being a blogger is access behind the scenes on the on the scene of events.  Having access is great but the icing on the cake is, courtesy. How people treat my companions and I is really important to me. Everyone was nice and to be honest, that really surprised me, because I had varying rumors that the fashion industry could be so cold. Yet, my experience was incredible. My seat-mates were amiable, we were assisted by pleasant staff, and positive vibes all around.

Lee Hyun Sil, Marketing Director (Yohanix) and I

Lee Hyun Sil, Marketing Director (Yohanix) and I

Attending Seoul Fashion Week is an experience I’m unlikely to forget. I am thankful to the designers Songzio, Rocket x Lunch, Byungmun Seo, R. Shemiste, and Yohanix for inviting me and allowing me this visual experience of your collections.

Seoul Fashion Week may be in its infancy in relation to the international fashion scene, but for me it’s already a force to be reckoned with.

Photo courtesy of The Toronto Seoulcialite

Photo courtesy of The Toronto Seoulcialite

Well done, Seoul.

FTC: R.Shemiste & Yohanix were kind enough to offer complimentary invitations in exchange for me sharing my experience at their shows during Seoul Fashion Week. Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links”. If you click on the link and/or purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission (which helps with running this site). Cheers!

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  1. Dalba June 23, 2016 / 2:21 pm

    Awesome. It must have been a really interesting experience. And I love your style of writing, read more like a novel then a blog post, especially the first paragraph. The pics are also very cool and I can see why the camera’s turned on to you and your companions!!

  2. Ruxandra June 23, 2016 / 3:13 pm

    Obsessed with Korean fashion & beauty. The furry dress/coat is my favourite!

  3. Analesha June 23, 2016 / 11:39 pm

    WOW how amazing. I LOVE korean beauty and fashion so this would be a dream. How amazing is that fur coat/dress!

  4. Sonia June 24, 2016 / 3:03 pm

    OMG!! im kinna jealous right now!! It looks like you had an amazing week and daaaam the yohanix runway!! its a great brand and love how they experiment every chance they get. Congrats on going and getting some great memories and pics!

    Loves from Sun &

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